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              HealthSense | WARRANTY TERMS

              WARRANTY TERMS

              HealthSense warrants the workmanship and all part of its product against material or workmanship defects for a year of 1 year from the date of original purchase for use. This warranty shall be effective only if the registration card is fully completed and Registration is done online or mailed to HealthSense India Owner/Service Department for registration, and applies only to the original purchaser.

              This warranty is null and void if the unit and or its component therein have been damaged or tampered with by improper handling, use or unauthorized repair. Repair or replacement under the warranty does not lead to any extension or renewal of the warranty period.

              The warranty will be granted only if the Registration is done Online or Warranty Card is mailed within 15 days of purchase.

              HealthSense is a registered trademark of Bright Health Care and reserves the right to refuse warranty service if the information given is not clear or correct.

              Warranty Card should be sent to

              Bright Health Care,
              No 884, 2nd Main, 2nd Stage,
              D Block, Rajajinagar,
              Bangalore – 560010,
              Karnataka (IND)

              For online product registration please click here


              Thank you.

              Your product has been successfully registered for One(1) Year HealthSense India Warranty